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Hello Ted, My husband owned this in 1966 it was bright yellow and at one time had gull wing doors. Have a few pictures of us in it Lotus 7 registration 4373 MM   I think my son has sent you the pictures of the Lotus. They are very old and faded so it doesn't look it's best. I am going to try and get them enhanced.  Ken purchased it from Derby Motors in 1965 who are no longer trading and paid the princely sum of £395.00 . We are the people in the pictures and Kens mum is the other lady at the back of us . When I get the pictures done do you want me to send you them ?. Would be lovely to have it back but we are too old to get in it or enjoy it. Very happy memories of it. Regards Geraldine 


According to the Lotus Seven records SB1197 left their factory premises at Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire as follows:-

•        CHASSIS #: SB1197

•        FRAME #: U1104

•        BODY TYPE: Mk.7

•        COLOUR(S): Yellow (& bare aluminium)

•        ENGINE #: S229107E (Ford 105E or 100E side-valve)

•        CUSTOMER: K. A. H. Curtis

•        EX-WOEKS DATE: 05 May 1961.



•        Available between January 1961 and early 1968 - 997cc. FORD 105E overhead valve engine with twin side-draughtH2 SU carburettors on Lotus manifold developing 39bhp at 5,000rpm. Compression ratio 8.9:1. Matching 4-speed gearbox using Triumph Herald remote and gear knob with special adaptor plate on most cars but a few 116E gearboxes with Ford GT remote and gear knob at the end of production. Standard ratios 4.118:1, 2.396:1, 1.412:1, 1:1. Reverse 5.404:1. Optional Close ratios (Hobbs?) 2.917:1, 1.696:1, 1.280:1, 1:1. Reverse 3.83:1.

•        Available upto late 1962(?) - 1172cc. FORD 100E side-valve engine developing variously between 28bhp and 36bhp at 4,500rpm with either Solex down-draught or twin side-draught SU H2 carburettors on Lotus manifold. Compression 7.1:1. Matching 3-speed gearbox and 100E gearknob. Standard ratios 3.894:1, 2.007:1, 1:1. Reverse 4.79:1. Optional Close ratios ('C' type Buckler gears.) 2.294:1, 1.255:1, 1:1. Reverse 3.42:1.



•        SB1197 was registered for the road, 4373 MM on 12th May 1961 in the London area.



•        K. A. H. Curtis (UK) 1961,

•        Nicholas Haffner (UK) n.d.,

•        Henry Kluck (USA) 1974,

•        Gary Visher (USA) 1992.